Feeling sad

Feeling sad? Is it possible to stay happy and sad at the same time? This may seems like a trick question, however it really is not. The response to the question lies in understanding that there may be at least 2 ways to understand what happiness is and feeling sad.

Feeling sad

The most effective method to discover suffering joy in your life.

The first method of understanding happiness takes happiness to the exactly opposite of sad. Here we are talking about how you are feeling right the moment, and whats your emotional state of the moment is currently.

Making some extraordinary memories with friends? happy. Having a genuine conflict with your friends? Not all that happy, maybe even tragic. Need to be happy? Simply continue doing fun stuff.

here are the some important fact about the feeling sad.

There is a lot of difference between being feel sad and depression

Depression involves a much more than feeling sad. It can influence how you act, your eating and sleeping, and what you want to do. It can last weeks or months.

Depression is a serious illness or genuine sickness that affects many young people. Get more familiar about signs that you may have depression. If you think you are suffering depression, make sure to talk to a parent or guardian, doctor, school counselor, teacher, or other.

Sadness is considered to be one of the essential basic human emotions and it is a natural reaction to situations involving mental/psychological, emotional, and/or physical pain. Sad feelings often quickly diminish after people resolve or come to terms with upsetting experiences.

Ways to feel better.....
  • Chill out Find a way how to relax, such as taking a deep breath or taking a bath warm bath.
  • Make a plan Life can feel out of control at times. Making a list of what you can do about an issue puts you back in charge.
  • Focus on the positive Even in extreme tough times, you likely have some good things going on for you.
  • Talk it out Talk to your friends, parents or guardians, teachers, counselors, or doctor about your current situation or what you are feeling. They can help you sort through emotions and find solutions for your  problems.
In this way, here are 4 different ways to develop the characteristics which will put you on the way to an existence of genuine happiness.

  1.    1. Be clear about what you value and what is significant for your life.
    I am not talking about objectives such as owning your own home or being a multi-millionaire. when you achieve goals, you will feel a sense of achievement, but that is not a guarantee of joy or happiness.

    The real problem is what kind of a person do you want to be? What values will you exemplify in your life? Think about what type of person you want to be in various contexts such as spouse or partner, parent, sibling, worker, employer or citizen of your community.

    Look at different areas of your life considering, for instance, how education, intimacy, recreation and physical health is critical to you, and how you behave in relationship to each.

      2.When you understand the characteristic and qualities that you want to embody, make a list of things you need to carry out to behave consistently with those values. For instance, if you want to be a caring life partner, what are the caring activities that you need to do consistently to really see yourself and be seen by others as a caring person.

       3. Utilize careful attention to identify when you are trapped feeling negative or a mind trap of negative thoughts. Delaying quickly, focus attention on  your breath and body.

    At that point, figure out what you can do by move in one of your esteemed direction or to develop an ideal positive quality.

       4. Develop those profoundly esteemed yet now and again testing characteristics you have distinguished as significant, for example, appreciation, duty, empathy, energy, creativity, imagination and association.

    Utilizing contemplation and symbolism can be useful for this part of self-improvement. For instance, to develop appreciation, consider all you get as an advantage for your body (air, nourishment, garments, cover, care for your body) and for your soul (friendship, support, love, direction, training).


In this article we have discuss about feeling sad, comparison of depression vs anxiety, and the way to feel happy instead of feeling sad.

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