In this article, we will clarify what you mean by the term "Mental health" and "Mental illness" we will also describe the types of mental disorder and how we can treat to it. This article also covers the warning signs of mental health problems. 

What is Mental Health? 

Mental health refers our subjective, conduct or behavioral, and enthusiastic or emotional well being. It is all about our thought, how we think, how we feel and how we behave.

Mental health is also called emotional well being.

The term 'Mental health or Emotional well being' sometimes used to mean an absence of psychological issue or mental disorder.

Mental health can influence our day to day life, relationships and even physical health or well being. Mental health integrates with the person’s ability to appreciate or enjoy life-to maintain a balance between life exercise and efforts to accomplish the mental strength.
mental health
Mental health

Definition of Mental health

According to WHO
The Mental health is defined as “a condition of prosperity where the individual understands their own capacities, can adapt to the typical worries of life, can work gainfully and productively, and can make a commitment to their locale.
And In general

Mental health is the manner by which how we think, how we feel and go about as we adapt to life. It additionally decides how we handle pressure or stress in our daily life, identify with others and settle on decisions.
There is mainly 3 type’s mental illness which is as follows
1.   Mood disorder
2.   Anxiety disorder
3.   Shizophrenia disorder

1.  Mood disorder

This is also known as full of feeling issue or depressive disorder. Patients with these conditions have huge changes in state of mind, by and large including either craziness (joy) or sorrow. for instance Mood disorder.

Major depression

The person is no longer interested in the activity and does not enjoy the activities and events that he/she used to do previously. There are extraordinary or delayed times of sadness.

Bipolar depression

Recently known as hyper burdensome disease, or manic depression. The individual changes from scenes of happiness or euphoria (lunacy) to depression (despair).

Persistent depressive disorder

Earlier known as dysthymia, this is mellow constant or mild chronic depression. The patient has comparatively similar symptoms to major depression but to a lesser degree. 

Seasonal affective depression(SAD)

A kind of major depression that is activated by absence of daylight. It is generally normal in nations a long way from the equator during late harvest time, winter, and early spring.

2.  Anxiety Disorder:
Anxiety disorder is very common types of mental illness. 

The individual has a serious fear or anxiety, which is connected to specific items or circumstances. A great many people with an anxiety disorder will attempt to stay away from presentation to whatever triggers their anxiety.

For examples of anxiety disorder

Panic disorder

The individual encounters unexpected paralyzing dread or a feeling of up and coming calamity.


These may incorporate basic fears or phobias (a lopsided fear of articles), social fears or phobias (dread of being dependent upon the judgment of others), and agoraphobia (fear of circumstances where escaping or breaking free might be troublesome). 

We truly don't have a clue what number of fears or phobias there are - there could be a great many sorts.


Compulsive disorder:- the individual has obsession and compulsion. As it were, steady stress full thoughts (fixations), and a ground-breaking desire to perform repetitive acts, for example, hand washing (impulse).

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This can happen after someone has experienced a traumatic event - something shocking or alarming that they encountered or witnessed. During this sort of occasion, the individual feels that their life or others' lives are in danger. They may feel apprehensive or feel that they have no control over what's going on.

3.  Schizophrenia disorders

Regardless of whether schizophrenia is a single issue or a group of related ailments presently can't seem to be completely decided. It is a profoundly worst condition. Schizophrenia regularly starts between the ages of 15 and 25. The individual has contemplations that seem divided; they additionally think that it’s difficult to process data.

Schizophrenia has negative and positive manifestations or symptoms. Positive side effects incorporate fancies, thought issue, and mind flights. Negative indications incorporate withdrawal, absence of inspiration, and a level or improper state of mind. 

Warning signs of mental health
  • Pulling back from individuals or exercises they would regularly enjoy.
  • Sleeping or eating excessively or excessively little.
  • Feeling as though nothing matters.
  • Reliably low energy
  • Utilizing drugs more than ordinary (counting liquor and nicotine)
  • Showing unique feelings. 
  • Confusion.
  • Not having the option to finish standard tasks, for example, getting the opportunity to work or preparing a dinner.
  • Industrious musings or recollections that return normally.
  • Considering hurting one's self or others.
  • Hearing voices.


There are different ways individuals with mental illness or psychological well-being issues may get treatment. Know that what works for one individual may not work for another; this is particularly the situation with mental health.

A few techniques or medications are increasingly fruitful when combined with others. A patient with a constant mental issue may pick various choices at various stages throughout their life. Most of specialists state that a well-educated patient is presumably the best judge of what treatment suits them best.

The treatment can include as follows

Psychotherapy or talk Therapy

This is a mental way to deal with treating psychological sickness. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), introduction treatment, and dialectical behavior therapy are models.


Despite the fact that it cannot fix mental issue, a few prescriptions can improve side effects.


Counting way of life changes, for example, decreasing liquor consumption, sleeping more, and eating admirably.


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