Depression medication is nothing but the antidepressant drug which help individuals to stay away from depression or reduced the rate of depression after consuming the depression medication- antidepressant drug.

Depression medication- Antidepressant drugs

In some cases instead of drug it is an therapy called psychotherapy where there is no consumption and all only the act or the process we have to do.
Now we will list out the things which is much helpful to reduced the rate of depression

1.The online therapy
  • Online Therapy offers the most complete treatment tool kit on the web. Their highlights incorporate a personal therapist, movement plan, worksheets, diary, live visit, yoga, and many more.
  • Here you need not to be worry about going out and to take the psychotherapy.
  • Stay calm at home in front of pc or any device and visit this link to get the therapy online at your doorstep.
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2.Blessing manifesting
  • Blessing Manifesting offers guides, digital books, contemplations, and worksheets to assist you with cherishing yourself and open your boundless potential. Their top of the line item is their self esteem exercise manual and organizer with 7 distinctive extra alternatives including emotional wellness, connections, business life, calm life, and mother life.

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3.Self care calender
  • Its calendar of the year it tells everyday to you what to do and we have to follow for self care
4.Mental care
  • its a book which helps you to stay mentally get the book click on the button


5. Ashwagandha & Brahmi - Ayurvedic medicine's potent combination for fighting depression, anxiety and chronic stress

One of the cheap and very effective medicine for the battling depression, anxiety and the chronic stress.

6.A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can do About Depression That Medication Can’t by Kelly Brogan(Author) Paperback (2016)


What Women Can do About Depression That Medication Can’t by Kelly Brogan(Author) Paperback (2016)

7. YOU vs DEPRESSION! See what you didn’t know: Great lessons through stories of people who have overcome depression

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