The depression symptoms feel terrifying. It resembles a fog of obscurity has secured the daylight and there's nothing you can do about it. It can affects everything, even the things you underestimated — like a decent night's sleep, your relationships and the things you used to appreciate.

Do you know the depression symptoms? Keep reading you will be knowing the list of depression symptoms

Do you think that you are experiencing the depression symptoms? You are not alone. Depression is affecting 1 of 4 young peoples. In this post, we go through the depression symptoms which can figure out that whether you are experiencing or not the depression symptoms and what you can do about it.

  • The symptoms that can affect anyone without consideration of age.

depression symptoms
The depression symptoms

There are lot many signs of the depression you may not have them all at a time. How they affect us, how intense they are and how long the last and different from person to person, without consideration of age.

following are the list of symptoms which generally occur.
  • Sadness or anxious It will continue over time without getting better and go away, the person continue to be in sadness no hope exists further.                                                            
  • Helpless or guilty in this case you will start thinking about losses and failures, and you may feel bad about yourself. Further there is no hope for helping yourself, as you are feeling guilty yourself.                                                                                                                                        
  • Irritation As this the very disgusting one because you may get restless or more cranky than usual. In this the person starts irritating to other. For small things he starts elaboration restlessly. For such person there is nothing to ask in this type of depression.
  • Loss of interest in activities in this type of depression the person will not keep the interest in his/her day to day activity. As he has no desire to Eat and Sex. Because of loss of interest. Hobbies and game you usually may enjoy may not appeal you.                                                        
  • Less energetic In this type of depression your body system slowdown, you may feel extremely tired or think more slowly than. Daily routines and tasks may seem too hard or very slow to manage.                                                                                                           
  • Pains and aches Here you may suffer Body pain, Head pain or Headaches, Cramps (Non sustainable pain in legs) and Digestion Problem. Also you may not feel hunger after a long time fasting also.                                                                                               
  •  Lack of Confidence While suffering from depression you may fill lack of confidence and it should be. It stays for long as suggested. While in this type of depression you must take the help of friends to stay calm. So try to be self motivating. To gain Confidence.                                                                                                                                                                 
Note:-The depression symptoms are differing from person to person.

Following are the Sign of Depression that you or someone will act when they experiencing.

1.  Feelings              
§  Guilty
§  Irritation
§  Frustrated
§  Sadness 
§  Disappointment
§  Unhappy
§  Lack of Confidence 
§  Laziness

2.  Change in Behavior                                                                  
§  Not getting thing done on right time by you.
§ Withdrawing from the close friends. Even with the Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
§  Withdrawing from the Family member.
§  Not going out from Home anymore.
§  Not concentrating on the things of daily activity.
§  May addict of Alcohol and Drugs.
§  May look like the person with full of negativity.
3.  Thoughts in Mind                                                                                                              
§  No hope for Goodness.
§  Nothing good happens with me ever.
§  I am Failure.
§  I am Fault.
§  I am Guilty.
§  I am Worthless.
§  I can’t do this.
§  How I can do this.
§  The mind full of Negativity.                                                                                                                     
4.  Physical Depression  
  •  Headaches and body pain     
  • Sleeping problem   
  • Always feeling sleepy but sleeping problem or you will not complete your sleep. 
  • Change of appetite. 
  • Sudden fluctuation in the weight of the body it may gain or lose. 
  • Tired all the time. 
  •  Look like sick.                           
Top 10 most common symptoms of depression
  1. Incredible unshakeable frustration, tension, and emptiness.
  2. Over the limit bearing hopelessness integrate by means of depressive feelings. 
  3. Outrageous guiltiness, feelings with weakness, additionally in no way, shape or form mindfulness out of home worth.
  4. Loss of intensity, that a lessening underneath from fat consuming limits, and even exercises levels. Ending up being tormented by steady weakness.
  5. A sense as to touchiness together with per expanding insufficiency to at long last concentrate just as uncertainty.
  6. Loss of good dominant part and basically an improvement of most extreme a sleeping disorder.
  7. Strange weight decrease or a lot of weight gain. Expedited from loss of inclination for nourishment or possibly a devouring gorge.
  8.  Agonizing and too taking once life tendencies.
  9. One winding up effectively bothered, short temper, not withstanding eagerness.
  10. Real torments as intricacies, intestinal issues, thus constant agony to have not for specific reason.

               The Depression symptom is a genuine medicinal sickness that includes the mind. It's something other than a sentiment of being "sad" or "blue" for a couple of days. On the off chance that you are one of the in excess of 20 million individuals in the US who have sadness, the sentiments don't leave. Melancholy can happen for what appears no reason at all or can be activated by a damaging life occasion inside an individual's life. 

             The reason for Depression still stays a riddle among the restorative world, anyway numerous specialists state qualities may affect the probability of gloom inside a family and an absence of the substance serotonin in the mind might be connected to discouragement. Much the same as all other ailments gloom has a progression of indications that can be analyzed and treated by a medicinal expert and can be characterized as a ceaseless miserable temperament or influence just as lost enthusiasm forever and life's exercises.

               The Depression symptoms is something other than a mind-set issue, it is a genuine disease that influences one's state of mind and musings as well as craving, rest examples and one's confidence. It might likewise include physical side effects, for example, stomach torments, cerebral pains and quick heartbeat. 


In this blog we have said about the depression symptoms which include the list of  depression symptoms which generally occurs,Signs of depression,feeling,change in behavior,thoughts in mind,top 10 signs of depression in mind.


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